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FREE SHIPPING on orders $100 and over
FREE SHIPPING on orders $100 and over

Online Policies

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  • href""-Payment mode
  • href""-Exchange or return of products purchased online
  • href""-Promotional pricing
  • href""-Purchases made by minors
  • href""-Print
  • href""-Announced discount policy
  • href"""-Correction of errors or printing errors
  • href""-Delivery

id-1"-Payment mode
Making a GASPEFLYSHOP.CA purchase is easy. You can pay with a MasterCard, Visa or Paypal.

-span-id-2"""-Exchange or return of products purchased online
See please refer to our title returns and exchanges"href""return policy complete.

-span-id-3"-Promotional pricing
All Gaspé Fly price changes take effect at midnight (12:00 p.m.) HNP on the announced date. This also applies to special promotional events (such as online sales only), unless otherwise advised.

-span-id-4""-Purchases made by minors
Afind as to protect our customers, it is our policy not to sell items to minors. If you are not an adult and would like to make purchases on our website, please ask a properly appointed parent or guardian to make this purchase for you

-span-id-5"""-Print faults
We do our best to provide you with the most reliable and up-to-date information possible. If an error occurs, we reserve the right to correct or cancel an order at any time, or to change the order based on corrections, or to correct the error on our website. If the product that was shipped to you is not the one ordered, we will be happy to take it back and offer you a full refund

-span-id-6"""-Advertised discount policy
All applicable taxes are calculated and payable on the price before discount. The cost of postage for postal discounts is the responsibility of the recipient. Discounts payable in U.S. dollars are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and may result in processing fees from financial institutions. Gaspé Fly is not responsible for manufacturers' mail-in rebates

-span-id-7"""-Correction of errors or printing errors
We strive to avoid errors. The way we correct errors varies depending on the type of error. For example, if the description of a product is incorrect, we correct it.
In general, you should be aware that the price and availability of a product may change without notice. When an error is found, we correct it. Gaspé Fly reserves the right to cancel an offer and correct errors, inaccuracies or omissions, even after an order has been placed, and even if the order has been confirmed and your credit card has been debited. If your credit card has already been debited from the purchase amount and your order is cancelled, GASPEFLYSHOP.CA will refund you by crediting your credit card with the amount charged. These are the rules specific to banks that stipulate when your account will be credited of that amount,

Gaspé Fly strives to ensure the accuracy and completeness of information about third-party products and services. However, please consult the source of the information (for example, the manufacturer) for more details about the products.

For more information, check out our title"Terms of use of the site" href-""-conditions of use.

delivery depends on the availability of products in our warehouse -id-8
Delivery depends on the availability of products in our warehouse. Out-of-stock items will be shipped as soon as possible, as soon as we receive them from the manufacturer or publisher. Please consider the delivery time.


Creation: December 3, 2014
Sis updated: December 3, 2014